Your flying dreams can come true, and now you can soar like a bird!


Powered Paragliding or flying a Paramotor is the most affordable, safest, most transportable and FUN form of personal aviation ever devised. Shoulder the backpack motor or attach it to the wheels of a TrikeBuggy, inflate your paraglider with air, then take off and land just about anywhere there’s some open space.

There is NO License required for the TrikeBuggy or a Paramotor and you could be flying safely after only a few days training. There’s no need to worry about the engine failing because you are already under an open parachute – you simply glide gently back to earth.

Join us today in the air for the exhilarating experience of personal flight.

Get your knees in the breeze!.


American Paragliding



Fly Like A Bird!

Dealers & Instructors


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