Miniplane Paramotor

Miniplane Paramotors have been a mainstay in the sport of Powered Paragliding for many years for good reason – They are light, comfortable, reliable, economical, well supported and affordable! Light & Comfortable – Very well balanced on your back with a minimum of weight! Reliable – Top 80 engine is the most trouble free motor on the …

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About Chad

Chad Bastian Advanced Instructor/Master Rated Pilot, USHPAInstructor, Instructor Administrator, USPPA Certified Flight Iinstructor – Weight Shift Trike, FAA Commercial Pilot, FAA(more)  Chad Bastian – Current Owner/Operator and Lead Instructor of TrikeBuggy, Inc., American Paragliding and Miniplane-USA, was the previous Owner/Operator of Fly Above All Paragliding in Santa Barbara, CA. Since 1998, Chad has been instructing students in …

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