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Accu-Mix Fuel Jug & Safety Siphon Combo


This is a “must have” combo!

If you haven’t used this system to refuel your paramotor, you have no idea how easy it can be!

The Safety “Jiggle” Siphon coupled with the Accu-Mix Fuel Container. Easily mix any amount of fluids as needed. No need to measure gallons at a time.

  • Easily mix and dispense your fuel/oil mix for your next Paramotor flight.
  • No need to calculate quantities and ratios or measure gallons at a time.
  • Quickly and easily mix just the amount of fuel you are going to use for this flight! No mess, completely clean! 
  • Combined with the Safety Siphon, this is the cleanest and simplest fuel transfer system available.

Ask your Miniplane-USA Dealer about this great combo and take advantage of our package deal on this combo.


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