Icaro Tufftalk Helmets

The ideal solution for all paramotor and powered ultralight communication needs!

Icaro Solar X PPG Helmet coupled with the Tufftalk BlueTooth Integrated Earmuff Com. This system provides powerful hearing protection (NRR 24db) and an Intercom range of up to 1.4km. Safe and effective communication with other Sena helmets in noisy environments. Plus, you can use your smart phone to receive and place calls as well as listen to your favorite music while flying!

The new Solar X helmet from Icaro 2000 has a very modern look thanks to its reduced width. This helps to reduce weight and offers less resistance to the air. The internal padding incorporates a wheel regulator in order to perfectly adjust the size to your head circumference. This padding is removable and can be washed.

Now available in new colors like “Scratch” shown here, the Solar-X Tufftalk Helmets also include a Short Visor (clear or tinted) and a Radio Cable at no additional cost! Learn More!

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