Miniplane USA


Chances are, you have seen these remarkable Miniplane flying machines flying around somewhere, and have wanted to find out what all the buzz is all about.

This sport is growing by leaps and bounds, and this Paramotor is by far the lightest, easiest to use and most trouble free powered paraglider available today.

The philosophy of a reliable mini-motor, combined with optimizing the resonance of the exhaust provides the pilot:

  • Light weight
  • Less vibration
  • Easier to start
  • Less fuel = less to carry
  • Less weight means a lighter frame
  • Less weight in flight means you can use a paraglider that is smaller and easier to inflate
  • Less weight gives you the ability to launch easier and under control – not struggling with a heavy load

The increase in performance of modern paragliders makes it possible to fly with almost one-half the power of a few years ago.

A little two-stroke engine, built with modern technology, can offer more then enough reliable power and much less weight. This makes the critical take-off run easier and safer.

Parts For Miniplane Paramotor, Top 80, Vittorazi Moster Plus and Minari Engine in the United States are available at

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