Paramotor & Glider Packages

Our packages offer you some great flight kit Combos with just what you need to get started in powered paragliding. All you need to add is a helmet and your training!

These packages are based on body weight. If you are a heavier pilot, you may need to choose a more powerful motor. We have options to upgrade in each package to accommodate pilots up to 300+ pounds! Other details may be determined by looking at the elevation of your typical flying location, type of flying you would like to explore, and your ability.

The paraglider wing may be upgraded to another model for pilot’s preference, depending on many factors. Many of these wings work equally well for paramotoring and free flight paragliding, so you can consider using your motor to Power to the Thermals, fly using ridge lift or simply kill the motor after climbing high and just enjoy gliding back down without power.

The Fine Print:
In order to qualify for the equipment package only, pilot must be a currently Certified and flying pilot or enrolled in a recognized school course with a Certified PPG Instructor. This special package excludes all other specials and discounts. Discounts cannot be combined. Powered paragliding requires significant training. We will not sell a paraglider or motor to anyone until we have verified that they have arranged for, or have completed training with a recognized Instructor.

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