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The TrikeBuggy is quite simply a microlight aircraft made for solo flight utilizing a PPG motor attached to a Stainless Steel Kite Buggy with our unique frame design and a paraglider wing. It is an extremely comfortable and easy to use personal aircraft that is just plain fun to fly!

The center of gravity of the TrikeBuggy is lower than any other PPG Trike, and the wing lifts the trike and pilot together, giving this little flying machine a feel that is more solid than larger, bulkier trikes.

With the TrikeBuggy, you simply sit down in the seat of the buggy, fasten your seat belt and go fly! The seated position is easier and more comfortable than a traditional PPG harness, and your legs can rest on the footpegs or simply dangle once you have launched.

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Impluse FX-1

You’ll actually smile when the other pilots worry about whether they can do a no-wind launch (not to mention the landing!) when the air is smooth and sweet. Knowing that you can taxi along after inflation and roll right into a controlled launch will give you a new sense of confidence and enjoyment.

Enjoy the air during your flight in the same comfortable seated position without having to try to get back into the seat – you are already there! Descend into your landing at full speed, add just a touch of throttle and a gentle flare to round out the approach and roll into a superb touchdown!

The FX-1 PPG Trike is specially made for the Impuls Paramotor (see navbar above for links). Construction is Steel and Aluminum, powder-coated for an awesome look! The rear wheels and axles are easily removable for transport and the frame provides support for the harness while taxiing.

More information at AmericanParagliding.com

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