TrikeBuggy – The Magnificent Microlight!

Ever dreamed of flying? Of course you have, that’s why you’re here!

But what sensation do you feel when you fly? Is it seated inside of a cockpit with your hands on a steering wheel or joystick? Not exactly the most intuitive or realistic connection to controlling the wing.

How about a bar? Hanging suspended from the wing and pushing around a bar in the opposite direction to where you want to go is not quite what you had in mind?

Maybe there’s another way…

Meet the TrikeBuggy!

With this simple PPG Trike, the control of the wing is as natural as a bird – dip your left arm like the wing on a bird, and your craft turns left! Look right and lower your right arm and you turn right.

Level flight is done by having a relaxed, light touch of the hands on the toggles while the gentle flare needed to gently set the vehicle down is done by simply applying both brakes just as you approach the ground.

The TrikeBuggy has a totally intuitive and completely natural feel compared with any other aircraft available today.

What is a PPG Trike?

A PPG Trike is simply a powered paraglider backpack motor unit mounted to a three or four wheeled foot steerable trike, using a standard paraglider wing to achieve flight.

A PPG Trike is light, around 100 pounds including the motor and trike. Motor size is anywhere from 80cc to 325cc, and the backpack motor is removable for foot-launched flight as well (with the same wing).

Running or rolling – the choice is yours!

About the TrikeBuggy

The TrikeBuggy is a microlight or ultralight aircraft made for solo flight utilizing a PPG motor attached to a Stainless Steel Kite Buggy with our unique frame design and a paraglider wing to achieve flight.

It is an extremely comfortable and easy to use personal aircraft that is just plain fun to fly! By easy, we mean that the TrikeBuggy is about the simplest flying machine there is.

When you want to go fly, you just sit down, fasten a seat belt and GO!

The TrikeBuggy is an Adventure!

Flying allows the pilots to experience a completely different perspective of the planet, one that has intrigued mankind since the beginning of time. To fly like a bird, or perhaps even easier – glide like an eagle, there is absolutely nothing that compares with the feeling of flight!

Cruising low along the ground, climbing high into the sky, flying effortlessly over forests and trees, gliding in gentle circles back to your truck, following a friend around the mountain, cruising with seagulls along the beach, circumnavigating a lake on a calm morning, doing touch and go’s at the dry lake, flying the TrikeBuggy is simply an adventure!

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